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PANTERA XV year 2010 (M2212KEENL01)

sprzedam PANTERA XV year 2010 (M2212KEENL01)

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Essemtec Pantera XV, yom 2010, -Laser and Vision -Manuals -feeders: CSM 740i 8mm 19x CSM 740EP 8mm 20x CSM 740EB 8mm 20x CSM 741i 12mm 4x CSM 742i 16mm 3x CSM 743i 24mm 1x CSM 741 vibration 2x
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strona WWW: M2212KEENL01
PANTERA XV year 2010 (M2212KEENL01)PANTERA XV year 2010 (M2212KEENL01)PANTERA XV year 2010 (M2212KEENL01)PANTERA XV year 2010 (M2212KEENL01)
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ERSA ecoselect 350 (M2308UCYDE03)
ERSA Ecoselect 350 Baujahr 06/2006 Semi-Automatic Selective Soldering System The solder pots are filled with: 1. Sn 63 Pb37 (1269080-00) 2. Sn 96,5 Ag 3,5 (1350857-00) Dimensions: Length: 1,350 mm Width: 2,500 mm Height: 1,330 mm Weight: approx. 900 kg / 1,300 kg (with additional soldering module) Paint: RAL 7035 / 7016 Electrical Data: Voltage: 5-wire system, 3 x 230/400 V / N / PE Power tolerance range: +6 %, -10 % Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz Power consumption: min. 7,2 - 42 kW Amperage: max. 18 - 63 A max. fuse rating: 3 x 63 A (tr) Environmental specification (factory): Ambient temperature: max. 30 °C Positioning system: 2- axis (X,Y) servo driven Z -axis, standard pneumatic driven, optional servo driven motor Positioning speed: 0.1 - 15 m/min Positioning accuracy: ± 0.25 mm Flux module: Type: high-precision spray fluxer Flux storage tank: 2 l Flux speed: 0.1 - 2.5 m/min Spray width (130 µm-nozzle): 3 - 6 mm, second nozzle available as an option Preheat module: Type: short-wave heaters Capacity: max. 10,2 kW; 6 emitters with 1700 W each Useful dimensions: 350 mm Length / 300 mm Width Type: bottom side convection Capacity: max. 3,1 kW; Useful emission space: 25 cm² Solder module 1: Capacity: approx. 3,500 W Solder volume: approx. 130 kg (when using Sn63Pb37) approx. 110 kg (when using SnAg3,8Cu0,7) Warm-up time: approx. 2 h Solder temperature: max. 300°C Solder nozzle diameter: 4.5 / 6 / 8 /10 mm additional nozzles available on request Clearance from PCB-edge: min. 3 mm Soldering speed: 0,1 - 1,0 m/min Standard: 1 soldering nozzle Optional: additional nozzles on request Solder module 2: Additional solder pot with customized nozzle plate to solder all selective soldering joints simultaneously Working window: 350 x 300 mm Type: Dip-Module Soldering nozzle: customized multi-fountain design Solder volume: ca. 350 kg (when using Sn63Pb) Solder temperature: max. 300°C Warm-up time: 2.5 hours Positioning accuracy: ± 0,25 mm
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PBT FluxCleaner for solder frames (M2102PEOSE06)
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Soltec 7038 year 2004 available beginning of september (M2307NEWDE01)
We have an oven soltec 7038 that will be released from production in september.
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Laser Marker YJ Link year 2014 - Excellent condition
Laser Marker YJ Link - CO2 laser marker - 2014 vintage - CE certificated
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Price: 31.500€

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